Small Business Grants

As a small business owner, you know the challenges of securing funding. But did you know grants are a fantastic resource often overlooked by entrepreneurs? Unlike loans, grants offer free money that doesn’t require repayment, making them a game-changer for businesses seeking to:

  • Launch a new venture: Get the initial capital needed to kickstart your dream.
  • Expand existing operations: Fuel growth and reach new heights.
  • Invest in essential resources: Acquire equipment, software, or marketing materials.
    The best part? Grants are available for a wide range of industries and business types. Here at BKX Studio, we understand the challenges small businesses face, and we’re committed to supporting your growth. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of three exciting grant opportunities available in 2024:
  1. Corporate Counsel Women of Color Grant Program:
    This program awards five (5) $2,500 grants to women entrepreneurs. It’s a fantastic opportunity for female business owners seeking financial support to take their ventures to the next level. Apply here:
  2. Verizon Small Business Grants:
    Verizon, in partnership with LISC, is providing $10,000 small business grants to help businesses “level up.” This program focuses on technology adoption and digital readiness, perfect for businesses looking to enhance their online presence. Discover more:
  3. $25,000 in Small Business Grants for LGBTQIA+ Businesses:
    The Founders First CDC is offering $25,000 in grants to 25 LGBTQIA+ led businesses in the United States. This initiative aims to empower and support the LGBTQIA+ entrepreneurial community. Learn more and apply:
    Numerous grant opportunities exist for small businesses across various industries. By actively researching and applying, you can unlock valuable funding to propel your business forward.
    Let’s empower small businesses to thrive! Share this post with your network and spread the word about these exciting grant opportunities.