Case Study: CKOR Hair

Elevating Hair Care with BKX Studio

This case study explores our successful collaboration with CKOR Hair, a new hair product brand. BKX Studio provided a comprehensive range of services, including web development, strategic planning and research, copywriting, creative direction, and social content creation.


  • Launching a new brand in the competitive hair care market
  • Establishing brand identity and visual language
  • Creating a user-friendly and informative website
  • Developing engaging social media content


We partnered with CKOR to create a holistic brand experience. Here’s a breakdown of their contributions:

  • Web Development: BKX Studio designed and developed a user-friendly website for CKOR Hair. The website likely showcases the brand’s story, product offerings, and educational content tailored to different hair types and concerns.
  • Strategy & Research: BKX Studio conducted market research and developed a strategic plan to position CKOR Hair for success. This likely involved understanding target audiences, competitor analysis, and crafting a unique brand message.
  • Copywriting: We created compelling website copy, product descriptions, and social media content. This ensures clear communication of the brand’s value proposition and benefits for customers.
  • Creative Direction: BKX Studio played a key role in shaping CKOR Hair’s brand identity. This included  crafting a consistent visual aesthetic across the website and marketing materials. By establishing a cohesive brand language, BKX Studio helped CKOR Hair create a memorable and recognizable presence in the marketplace.
  • Social Content: BKX Studio developed engaging social media content to build brand awareness and connect with potential customers.